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eZIP® Care & Maintenance 

What care and maintenance is required?

eZIP® track blinds will perform better when used regularly and not left up for long periods. To operate at its best eZIP® track blinds need to be clean and free of debris. Regularly hose, at normal tap pressure, the exposed extrusions with clean water and allow to dry.

Should tracks need lubrication, silicone spray can be used in accordance with the silicone spray suppliers’ recommendations along with a soft brush or cloth to clean the hardware.


Never use abrasive sponges or solvent type cleaners (turps, kerosene, paint thinners) on componentry or Powder Coated surfaces. Using such agents will void the warranty.

Can eZIP® be used in extreme weather?

eZIP®’s are designed to perform and will handle moderate winds, however, all eZIP® blinds should be taken up in the event of a storm or extreme wind environment.

They should never be left at half-way position during such weather events.

Download complete care and maintenance brochure.

eZIP® Warranty Information

How long is the eZIP® warranty?

If cared for properly and given basic maintenance, your eZIP® track blind will operate problem free for many years. eZIP® track blinds are backed with a standard 5 year warranty that extends to 10 years when fitted with an eZIP® track blind extruded aluminium pelmet. The warranty applies to defective parts only in normal use and service. Exclusions apply*

What exclusions apply?

The following will void the warranty:

  • If eZIP® is not properly cared for or not given basic maintenance in line with manufacturer instructions.
  • If eZIP® is not used in accordance with its intended design and outside of its recommended applications.
  • If eZIP® is installed incorrectly and not in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
  • If the product has been altered, tampered with or damaged by any means.
  • If individual components have been used outside of specification or to perform a function not fit for purpose.
  • Use of abrasive sponges or solvent type cleaning agents (turps, kerosene, paint thinners) on componentry or Powder Coated surfaces will void the warranty.

Ask your dealer for a complete warranty document.


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